How to Make a Decision

How to Make a Decision

Only you can decide is a very true and annoying saying, sometimes we want someone else to make the decision, so we don’t have the pressure. From being an indecisive person, I have been there, with the torment of decision-making. The nail-biting, frowning, and pressure we can put on ourselves. I share 6 tips to help you get clear on how to make a decision that sits right for you and your alignment

Sometimes pausing and not making a decision, which is also a decision, is a perfect choice, and focusing on your loves as a space for easing out of the overwhelm, can help balance out the stress.


Literally, changing the environment you are in, whether it is a walk, a different working space, and getting out in a different head space is a real support. Perhaps it is invigorating to our body and mind with the fresh air, or giving us a break from not feeling stuck in the thinking, even if it’s for 10 minutes, get out from where you currently are ruminating


Rather than being in a space of need, allow yourself the space of desire, as in asking yourself, what does my soul deeply desire today? What can I do today to support myself? Perhaps it is literally, to have a bath and relax. You are totally allowed to do this and it supports us in being gentle on ourselves.


I have found immense power in sharing things out loud, it somehow frees you from the little being in the victim story. Share the load and your friend needn’t actually say anything or take responsibility, as we have to discern what is right for us, but it can for sure help tapping into your support network during this time.


Just start by offloading a little, to support freeing up your brain space. You can do the old pros and cons table, however, I usually start by sharing what my loves and passions are, which is linked to the below.


Reminding yourself of what you really enjoy in your life now, or what you would like to bring about. Reflecting on your values and what is important to you, can also really support you in feeling more heart full, than in a state of worry. Perhaps you have goals, perhaps you have no idea, even asking yourself where do I see myself in 6 months, 1 year or where would I like to be? This can help start a trail of breadcrumb steps, rather than getting stuck in the how, but playing with the possibilities.


Allow yourself to consider going through with the decision and see yourself there in the situation, what is going on, how is it feeling, what are you doing? These are all questions to ask yourself. You can also imagine yourself with the other option of the decision and asking yourself again, how does it feel?


Sometimes, having a guide to hold you through the process can really serve. What has helped me has been Mbit and Reiki.

Mbit is a guided process, where you go within to check what your head thinks, what your heart feels and what your gut truly hungers for. You will be surprised at this process, it is amazing what wisdom we have available from within. This also supports us if we feel our head wants one thing, but our heart wants something else. We align our brains from within, so internally we feel more soothed, clear and aligned. You can ask the specific question and also enhance the overall connection you have to yourself.

Reiki is a peaceful and relaxing way to receive support from the greater source, or the divine, also called angels, spirits and guides, using oracle cards and energy. This helps in removing blocks and can reveal fresh energy and insights into what could support you.

Ultimately, decisions can often work themselves out and knowing we can always change our minds or simply learn for the next decision if it dosent go so well. So, the key is relaxation, self-care, doing what you love and enjoy, and using your mind to visualise to support you in becoming clear.

Reach out if you need support with this

Love Emily x