What do you do when you love your job, but feeling overwhelmed?

work overwhelm soothing support

Overwhelmed with work? This is a very common topic I get asked about.

Perhaps you feel you are pulling the weight more than your colleagues and you are the one staying late? Or the department is short-staffed, so a lot more is falling on to you?

Perhaps you are speaking up, but it doesn’t feel welcomed by the manager, or nothing is actually being done about it? You might have some fears about speaking up all the time, to not become the so-called annoying employee. This is weighing heavy on you and the worries of burnout are on the horizon.

Overwhelmed with work solutions

1. Reflect on the love and your contributions

It is insightful to reflect on the love you do have for your job, even if it feels teeny tiny. You could also reflect on how fully you do show up and recognise the strengths you do contribute at work. This in itself may shift the perspective slightly.

2. Nourishment

I always suggest finding ways to nourish yourself outside of work, to help you feel stronger as you are. This could look like exercise, spending time with friends and family and focusing on your loves. All of this will help contribute to quality downtime, so your nervous system can settle.

3. Reflections 

Reflecting slightly on why the other workers are not as motivated, perhaps it isn’t a job they enjoy or, they are more consumed with life outside of work, or perhaps there is a common problem that you are all facing. Sometimes it helps to zoom out from our own perspective onto the larger picture. It can soothe to know it isnt just you facing a struggle.

It may be that you feel totally alone in your struggle and is not connected to the team, in which case reflecting on this pattern has arisen before in another scenario. What exactly don’t you like, allow yourself to go there, perhaps writing it down so it feels a bit lighter.

4. Management support

Do you have good communication with your manager? Are they aware of your concerns? It is good to get clear on whose responsibility it is with each role, which should really fall to your manager. If not, does your manager have a manager you could go to with your suggestions and concerns?

5. Acceptance

If you have tried raising concerns but they are not open to making changes, then you will either need to accept how it looks and focus on strengthening yourself as best you can, so setting boundaries and nourishing yourself. The other alternative is to seek other employment. It might be worth it before you were to leave, to share with your boss how it is impacting you and also how much you love your job.

What I can offer in coaching support:-

Relaxation techniques to feel more you, to feel stronger as you are and to calm the nervous system.

Find clear boundaries within work and promote your nourishment outside of work.

Becoming unstuck from mindset patterns that are holding us back and keeping us small.

Exploring alternative options, if leaving is a good solution and to prevent the same pattern from occurring in a different job.

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