How to Relax After a Stressful Day

You are ready to let go and unwind after a stressful day, whether this is to do with your working day, or letting go of what isn’t serving you, then here are my simple tips for healthy boundaries to help wind down from buzzy to calm.

*Change of outfit

It may seem simple, but this is a great way to let go of the role you have just been in. It’s okay to feel like we play different roles in our life and we don’t necessarily want to feel in our ‘work’ role when we are relaxing at home. Who doesn’t love getting into comfy trousers or clothes that help you feel more relaxed? 


Salt is a natural cleanser and has many healing properties. Think of the power and relaxing sounds of the sea, or those lovely salt lamps, whether its a dead sea salt, or epsom salt bath, or using natural salt at the end of the shower, salt is so good for cleansing negative energies away from the day.

*Figure of 8

A simple visualisation where you imagine you in one circle of the 8, the thing you want to detach from in the other circle and imagine cutting down through that 8 to release the two segments in half. This can be repeated to enhance a separation between you and the thing you wish to let go of. 


Shaking it up, literally! Whether it is the gym, dancing, or just moving around in whatever fashion feels good for your body, it will for sure bring in some freshness and relief.


I love balanced breathing, which is equal breaths of 6 or 8 seconds on the inhale and exhale. Just 2 minutes of this can help balance our nervous system, which is vital in transitioning from that adrenaline rush to softening and relaxing.

To conclude, as with anything, light reflection can bring some realisations, for example what’s really going on here, was it just a full on day, or does this pattern repeat itself? If so what measures could support you further? It is always good to see where more care and support is needed.

If any of this is tricky, then a reminder to just be gentle on yourself. If you feel you need more support with this, then as a remote/hands on therapist and coach, being available to listen and hold spaces for beings can be deeply soothing, it can also help with any stuck or repeating patterns you want to loosen the grip of. I offer 1-2-1 and small group coaching and reiki healing, you can contact me here for more information.

Here is a gentle relaxation session for you to enjoy and let go of the day.