About Emily

I have always been an anxious being and more and more, I see it as a gift to understand, feel and connect to others.  I love to take good care of my health in all ways physically, mentally, energetically and emotionally. All of this has helped me feel more at ease in my own skin.

We are all learning about the joys and lows of being a human and finding our way in life, me included, but the best shift was finding things to support me to relax, focus on my loves and also reaching out for support.

I started learning Mbit coaching which had a significant effect on the way I related to myself internally and brought a massive shift into my decision-making. This in itself dissipated the overwhelm.

I then learnt from the most amazing coach, all about mindset, manifesting and alignment, but in a playful sort of embodied way, which is weirdly powerful, light and enjoyable.

I have been a Reiki and Bowen therapist for many years and I am very used to holding calming spaces and listening openly. 

I believe with listening and other exploring tools, we are able to get clear and embodying that wisdom, which is already within. Asking our head, heart and gut what they see, is just one of the fun and powerful ways to do this. 

I have a big caring heart, I love eating cake, giggling and hanging out in nature too.

Anyway, so that’s me, I would love to hear from you and if there is anything I can do to support you.

Oracle card reading during coaching session