Helping soothe anxiety & overwhelm. 

Feel calmer and clearer in yourself, at work and in decision making.

Hello, I’m Emily and I deeply care about calming and relaxing you, so you feel more at ease, with whatever agitations you have going on.

I understand about being anxious and overwhelmed, as I have been there and I offer support to help you get back to a clearer, more connected you.

Emily anxiety and overwhelm coach

Soothe overwhelm → find purpose → remove blocks.

Re-emerge stronger, clearer and more heart fuelled.

Although you may be at any stage in your anxiety and overwhelm,

I especially love supporting the below beings/circumstances:-

1. Are you overwhelmed at work?

Do you have a high-pressured role, or just a lot on and are struggling with overwhelm?

Perhaps you have a lot of responsibility for giving and caring for others. You might be doubting your capabilities, with so much to do.

It may also be starting to affect your relationships and how you feel about yourself. 

Would you like to feel more at ease and calmer in yourself, helping you show up with more care and discernment at work?

2. In a job that dosent fulfil you?

Are you in a job that you don’t really like and you know it isnt really what you want to do? Do you feel stuck and wondering if there is something more you could be doing that really fuels you?

Interested to explore your options, to see what your passions really are? Be supported to become clear in your full alignment, before making any decisions. 

3. Feeling lost in yourself and your life direction?

Do you feel a bit flat and a bit lost in where you are in your life? Are you faced with some decisions that you just aren’t able to make?

Perhaps you just want to feel more like you again, or actually get clear about yourself. Re-gain some fresh energy and soothing support. 

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Are you overwhelmed at work?

Sometimes, when we feel so full, just being a human feels enough, as well as a busy role. This can mean are cup is empty and we have less to give to ourselves and others.

I help by giving you space to breathe and think, sometimes saying things out loud in a held healing space, is enough to start seeing what changes you would like to make. I deeply listen to your concerns, helping calm your nervous system with various supports, so that you feel clearer and more at ease within yourself. 

We look at practical steps to managing overwhelm/stress, explore the main irritations/solutions and focus on re-gaining your energy with nourishment.

Clarifying and calming how to strengthen you, develop boundaries and make any necessary changes. There may be some sticky blocks/beliefs to let go of and checking in on self-sabotage.

Feel more in control of how you show up to yourself, at work, and in your relationships.


In a job that dosent fulfil you?

Trust me, I have been there, in a job that leaves you feeling drained, or bored. You may have this budding passion that you are curious could that be something you step into? You may feel unsure and doubt what to do?

We start by listening to what you truly want, and take stepping stones to becoming clear about your purpose and passions.

We look at what your values are and what would you like to be doing, by playing with the possibilities. All of this is super powerful in decision-making. We may even tap into Mbit coaching, where we listen to our head, heart, and gut and receive wisdom on what they see. Often the internal wrestling is cleared up in doing so.

Release limiting blocks, helping you feel more yourself and clear, so that you feel more in control and more assured to take practical steps. Let go of the overthinking and feel more energised, calm and creative. This may lead to a change in direction and you may even show up more fully in your work.

Feeling lost in yourself & your life direction?

Feeling a bit lost, actually gives you space to take stock and re-grow into new energy, focus or direction. It is also a time to develop a connection to yourself and listen and explore what it is you do want.

The not knowing can cause frustrations and irritations in itself, but it is totally possible to crawl out of the stuckness, into a clearer more fuller you.

Be listened too, soothed and offered a space to feel held in calmness. Release blocks and embody your highest, fullest self, which helps to open to options, in deciding your next direction and overall clarity.